Information for 2021 Convention Attendees and Speakers!

The 2021 convention is approaching and we are all excited for our second (and we hope last) virtual convention.  In preparation for the convention, we wanted to give you some helpful hints about viewing the sessions and navigating Whova so that you have the best experience possible.

Whova Account

Make sure that you have a Whova account.  Please make sure that you use the same email that you registered with (this is the email that you use for SSMA [INSERT USERNAME HERE].  Some individuals have duplicate accounts on Whova because you have used different emails.  If you need help consolidating your accounts, please contact us at [email protected].

Whova Profile

Be sure to update your user profile within Whova.  You can upload a picture and create your bio. This will help you connect with others. Here is a guide with more information for attendees.

Whova Apps

There are two different Whova apps: the mobile app and the web app.

If you want to view the sessions on a desktop or laptop computer, you will want to use the web app.  We recommend that you bookmark this link for easy access: ( The web app is useful for you to add to your agenda and to get reminders for your upcoming sessions.  Speakers may also consider using the web app during the presentation so that they can view chat and Q&A from attendees.  This is not required, but it is an option that is available.


Before the convention begins, we recommend that you view the agenda and add the sessions that you would like to attend to your agenda.  You can also set an alarm to remind you of the sessions if you choose.

Time Zones

The agenda is set up in Eastern Standard Time (CST).  However, you may change the time zone to your local time (see picture).

On-Demand Sessions

Some presenters have elected to prerecord their sessions.  These sessions are located on October 27th of the agenda. A link will be made available in the description of the session.  Most presenters will also have a Q&A session later in the week so you can interact with them and ask any questions that you may have.

Viewing the Sessions

For those who are doing a live presentation, we will load your Zoom meeting into your session. Please do not worry if you do not currently have a live stream link in your session.  When it is time for the session you want to attend, you will click on the LIVE STREAM button.  IF YOU ARE A SESSION PRESENTER, you will then have an option whether to view the meeting through WHOVA or through ZOOM. Speakers will want to select view through Zoom; this will allow you to share your presentation with your attendees like a regular zoom meeting.

We recommend that session attendees keep their camera and audio off during the presentation and then turn them on when the speaker is ready for questions. 


Special Notes for Session Presenters 

  • Use a desktop/laptop computer
    • Please use a laptop or desktop computer for your session. Your session will run as a zoom meeting.  You do not want to use a mobile device as this will not allow you to have all the functionality that you may require.
  • Linking your Speaker Account to Sessions
    • You should be linked to your session(s) within the Whova System. You only need to upload your speaker information once in your speaker profile.  If you find that you are not properly associated with a speaker session, please contact Toni Ivey directly ([email protected]).
  • Speakers with Pre-recorded sessions and/or Q&A
    • Prerecord your session in a format that is easy for you and that you will be able to share with a URL link.
    • Find your session on Whova and insert the URL link to your recorded within the DESCRIPTION of the program.
      • You may have two sessions for your presentation; you may have a Q&A session that corresponds to your pre-recorded session.
      • All prerecorded sessions are listed on Oct. 27th of the agenda. You will copy a link to your presentation (i.e., youtube, zoom, you choose) within the description of your session.
      • Upload any documents that you would like to share with attendees. If you have a Q&A session, we recommend uploading your documents to both the prerecorded session and the Q&A for the ease of convention attendees.
      • Here you can find the guide on how to upload the information
  • Go to Whova and update your speaker profile.
    • Prior to October 15th, please upload your bios and session information (an email from Toni Ivey was sent to all speakers that contained an email to your speaker form). It is convenient to access online, and you can update the form as many times as needed.
    • Here you can find the guide on how to upload the information.

  • Upload your Session Materials

    • Please upload your session materials (i.e., PowerPoint slides and other materials) no later than Monday, October 25th at 11:59pm.

    • You may need to convert your slides to PDF to upload. 
  • Live Presenters and Q&A sessions
    • We will provide a zoom link for your session. This link will not appear until a few days prior to the convention so do not be concerned if a link is not there right now.
    • Please arrive at your session 5 minutes early.  This will give us time to go into your session and make you a cohost
    • Please upload your documents to your session.  You may need to convert your slide to PDF in order to upload it.
    • Sessions will be recorded and the link to the recorded session will be posted on zoom shortly following the convention.
    • We highly recommend that all speakers attend their sessions using a desktop computer.  While you are presenting, your session will be a normal Zoom session while you are a speaker. As such, you will have a much better experience with a desktop computer as opposed to a tablet or phone.