Name, Position, Affiliation

Rayelynn Brandl,

Executive Director, Clark Fork Watershed Education Program

Montana Technological University

Main duties in my work

I provide leadership and direction for the CFWEP staff team, including stewardship of over $1.5m in grants that are targeted for teacher professional development and direct student outreach.  Our mission is to expand environmental literacy and stewardship through field-based science and research experiences.  We aim to empower people to engage as scientifically literate citizens working for a sustainable future.  In order to accomplish these goals, we work with teachers, students, and communities.  I serve as affiliate faculty member for Montana Technological University Biology Department including delivery of Principles of Biodiversity, Animal Ecology, Graduate Special Topics courses for teachers, and Undergraduate Research Mentoring.


Recent Accomplishments

Invited Keynote Speaker, School Science and Mathematics Association Convention, 2022;

Program of Distinction, Montana Technological University 2021; National Science Teachers’ Association Distinguished Informal Science Education Award, 2019; Distinguished Service to Science Education, Montana Science Teaching Association, 2018; Montana State University-Billings Award of Excellence, 2017


Service to SSMA and other professional organizations.

Co-chair 2022 Missoula Convention Planning Committee

Board Member and Publications Chair, 2018-2021

Proceedings Editor, 2019, 2020

Board of Directors and Publications Chair, 2018-2021

Butte Silver Bow Climate Resiliency Steering Committee, Present

Vision for SSMA

I would like to provide leadership for the organization, specifically in outreach to educators who may be in the non-traditional settings and those who are of diverse backgrounds and educational preparation.  As an informal science educator and a Masters’ level professional, I believe that this organization has much to offer to those who may not be within the traditional SSMA track.   The conferences are engaging and can be an excellent venue for networking, especially for developing education leaders. The emerging issues of our nation, and frankly our world, will require that educators at all levels are well-prepared and feel confident to meet the needs of their students.  SSMA can help those teachers and education leaders find voice, connection, and growth in their profession.