Exchange Interesting Mathematical Problems and Solutions

To view the current problems, see the most recent issue of School Science and Mathematics Journal as well as the latest pdf in the below list. Below you will find solutions that have been submitted to problems published in earlier issues.  Please email your solutions to the current problems in the Journal to Prof. Albert Natian at the Department of Mathematics, Los Angeles Valley College, CA. We welcome new problem proposals. Please make sure every proposed problem or proposed solution is provided in both LaTeX and pdf documents. Thank you!

To propose problems, email them to: [email protected]

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A Dedication to Ted Eisenberg 

Ted Eisenberg has been the bedrock of the Problems and Solutions Section of the SSMA Journal for twenty years. Ted, a mathematician at heart and an educator by vocation, edited the Problems and Solutions Section with unrelenting care and energy for all these years. In 2021 Ted saw the need to pass on the editorship to someone new.  

For Ted, the core of mathematics enterprise, both in his teaching and research, has always been mathematics itself, with all its depth, complexity, and elegance. As a teacher, Ted continually strives to engender an aesthetic sense of the subject while showing respect for the mathematical thinking of others, especially when such thinking is novel

Ted is generous toward people, whether close or distant. Those who personally know Ted know him to be a warm and caring human being. Those who have come to know Ted in correspondence with him find him most collegial, helpful, and kind. Ted’s mathematical career has touched many as attested by the dedication to his educational work in the book Mathematics & Mathematics Education: Searching for Common Ground, edited by Fried and Dreyfus. Ted’s salutary influence will be felt for many years to come. *by Albert Natian