Name, position, affiliation information

Sandi Cooper, Professor and Coordinator of Mathematics Education

Associate Chair, Curriculum and Instruction

School of Education at Baylor University


Current Academic Responsibilities

I serve as program coordinator for the Mathematics Education program and I teach undergraduate courses in the elementary certification program and graduate courses in mathematics education. The focus of my research is early number sense, teacher noticing, integrating children’s literature into mathematics instruction, and mathematical experiences in museums. I am currently the Project Director of MELA (Mathematics for Early Learners Academy) for the School of Education in partnership with Waco area schools.


Recent accomplishments

E. Glenadine Gibb Achievement Award, Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2022

Baylor Fellow, 2021-2022

Outstanding Service Award, Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators in Texas, 2019

Excellence in Integrating Mathematics and Science, School Science and Mathematics Association, 2018

Named Centennial Professor for 2016, Baylor University

Faculty Advisor for Education Programs for Baylor Bear Habitat (Live Bears on Campus)


Service to SSMA and other professional organizations

For SSMA, I have served as Co-Executive Director (2006-2010), member of the Finance Committee (2010-2013), Conference Program Co-Chair (2013), member of the Nominations and Elections Committee (2015-2018), and Board Member-at-Large (2019-2021).  In other professional organizations, I have served in a variety of roles. As a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, I have served on the Editorial Panel for Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School Journal (2011-2014) and Teaching Children Mathematics (2017-2020), Conference Program Chair for the Regional Conference in Oklahoma City, OK (2008), member of the Regional Conference Program Committee in Albuquerque, NM (2011), and Research Committee (2020-2023). I currently serve on the Publications Committee for the Research Council for Mathematics Learning (2022-2025) and 50th Anniversary Committee (2022).


As an active member of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, I currently serve as Associate Vice President for Marketing, (2020-2023) and most recently, Secretary of the Board of Directors (2017-2020) and I have served as Affiliates Director (2009-2013), NCTM Representative (2009-2013), member of the Affiliates Committee (2008-2011), member of the Communications Committee (2011-2013), member of the Conference Program Committee (2003-2008), and on the Doctoral Programs Task Force (2005-2006). I served as Conference Program Chair in 2007 (Irvine, CA) and Conference Local Arrangements Chair in 2012 (Fort Worth, TX). In 2007, I worked to establish an AMTE Affiliate in Texas and became the first President of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators in Texas (2008-2010). In my service as Past-President in 2010-2011, I proposed hosting a Fall conference and then served as Conference Steering Committee Chair in 2013 and 2014. In addition, as first president of this organization, I established the AMTE-TX President’s Council.


At the state level, I have served on the Board of Directors of the Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics (2012-2015) and I have served as President-Elect, President, and Past-President for the organization (2010-2014).


Your vision for SSMA

Based on my long-standing, active membership in SSMA and service on the Board of Directors as Co-Executive Director and Board Member-at-Large, I feel that I have a historical and governance perspective in regards to how this organization has grown over the past couple of decades. With this in mind, my experiences can serve as a foundation for leading the organization into the future decades to further the primary mission and goals. In addition to my active involvement in SSMA, I have served in various leadership roles in other organizations that has provided opportunities to better understand the functions of professional leadership at national, state, and local levels. As a leader, I strive to be a good listener, orchestrate a team-oriented approach where all voices are heard, stay knowledgeable of current issues, and maintain organization in order to be more efficient. With 28 years in higher education, along with a long-standing, active participation in SSMA, I believe I would bring a historical, foundational perspective to organize important initiatives to move the organization forward.


In my perspective, SSMA is the leading organization to promote STEM Education. For years, SSMA has fostered discussion, published research, and hosted conference events to highlight the importance of the integration of Mathematics and Science. With the current momentum of STEM Education on the horizon, SSMA is uniquely situated to become the leader in STEM Education. As a part of the leadership of this outstanding organization, I would work to move SSMA into the primary conversations about STEM Education at the national level, organize and facilitate new initiatives that SSMA might host/sponsor/publish in STEM Education, and establish a formal recognition of members who are leaders in this field.