Call for Applications

Acting Social Media Director

Applications due December 1, 2023


The School Science and Mathematics Association's Acting Social Media Director is responsible for leading, creating, and maintaining unique social media strategies. Their duties include planning, designing, implementing, and monitoring social media campaigns; staying up-to-date on social media trends; and developing social media campaign ideas for promoting community, awareness, belongingness, and the work of the organization. 

Reports to Executive Director(s). 

Position Term: Acting Director January 1 - December 31, 2024. Renewal is based upon the success of the position and approval by the Board.

Compensation: Hotel and convention registration costs (e.g., $1000); $200 monthly; Board meeting travel as outlined in the policies document.

Hourly expectations: 10 hours a month

Initial Expectations - 

  1. Create a social media plan
    1. Work with Journal Editors to promote articles, journal, and interaction with articles
    2. Post monthly committee blasts 
    3. Post at least once a month an interactive post - promoting conversation and community on platforms
    4. What is considered special for our members vs. posting “free” content for public → key consideration is what are our member benefits?
  2. Analyze needs for social media marketing and interacting (e.g., cross posting tool)
    1. Create consistent branding templates 
    2. Provide regular feedback and interaction to Executive Directors and Board Members to continue to refine the position expectations. 

Ongoing Expectations -

  • Plan, design, implement and monitor social media marketing campaigns.
  • Create, curate and manage social media content, including text, audio, visual and multimedia formats.
  • Engage users with prompt responses, organize competitions, ask questions and cultivate relationships.
  • Monitor social media trends, including developments in design, applications, strategy and innovation to stay relevant and effective. 
  • Working with Convention Director and Executive Directors to promote the upcoming convention
    • Common hashtag
    • Places and sights to see
    • Whova interactions
    • Regular Whova postings and interactions during convention
  • Track social media campaigns’ key performance metrics to maximize results and report progress to management.
  • Attend board meetings. 


Submit applications to: [email protected]

Timeline -

Applications due December 1, 2023

Online Interview - December 2023 / January 2024

Position begins - January 2024 - December 31, 2024